Stove fan

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The fan is perfect for utilizing heat and energy from the wood stove, fireplace, pellet stove etc. The fan is placed on top of the stove and distributes the heat in the room - only with the heat from the stove.

Moves up to 5 m3 / minute

Colour: Black

Dimensions: H 24cm; W: 22cm; D: 14cm
Weight: 0.7 Kg
Optimal operating temperature: 85-350 ° C

Pure heat-based energy - no batteries or electricity required
2. Effectively circulates hot air throughout the room
3. Innovative and durable design
4. Silent operation

1. Place the fan on a smooth flat surface of your oven
2. The hotter the oven, the more air the fan blows
3. The oven is intended for use on free-standing ovens with a normal surface temperature of between 85 ° C - 350 ° C.
4.Remove the fan from the oven if the temperature exceeds 660 ° F / 350 ° C
5. To move or carry the fan, always wear gloves

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