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Firewood holders

Storing firewood can easily be done in style. At Moustgaard we have 5 different firewood stands, each of which has its own expression and style, but all with the same functionality - to store firewood.

VERTICAL firewood stand

The vertical firewood stand is particularly well suited to corners and where there is less wall space. The firewood stand can function as a firewood rack, as it can be hung on the wall so that it does not use floor space. The firewood rack consists of two metal frames, which can be hung with a specific gap that you choose. The firewood is placed and stacked inside the two frames - either hanging on the wall or on the floor.

HORIZONTAL firewood stand

The horizontal firewood stand is suitable for you who want to place the firewood on the floor and have a little more space in width. However, it (just like the vertical) consists of two metal frames which are placed at the required intervals. One-liner firewood stand As the name indicates, this firewood stand only consists of one metal frame, as well as a supporting and stabilizing base plate. This firewood rack is perfect for displaying the firewood in a minimalist way, as it takes up less space than the others. One-liner can be used both as a firewood stand and a firewood rack by hanging it on the wall.

RECTANGULAR firewood stand

This free-standing firewood stand is suitable for you who do not want to hang anything on the wall, but just need a simple solution next to the fireplace. The rectangular firewood rack is a smart solution for those of you who don't have a wall where it can or you want to hang or attach it. It may be that you have a nice stone wall or that it is to be used in a restaurant or in a hotel, where the rooms are decorated depending on the occasion.

ROUND firewood stand

As the name indicates, this firewood stand is round. This firewood holder is perfect for a nice and elegant display of your firewood. In addition, it does not take up very much and can therefore be considered a counterpart to our firewood basket, as it is similar in size and is freestanding.

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